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Cold Stone Bracelet – Treated


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Product Description

Helps to protect from EMF exposure, works at keeping PH levels with negative ions and enhances general health and mood.

Treated Cold Stone Bracelets are made of a special composite of baked stones that allow negative ions to flow around the body and to repel dangerous electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronic devices. The actual color of the bracelet is BROWN.
Keeping our body in an alkaline PH state versus an acidic PH state is key in maintaining good health. One way to maintain a healthy alkaline state is consistent exposure to a high concentration of negative ions.
These unique bracelets are composed of different 100 year old stones formed from special composites of six minerals tourmaline, zeolite, precious serpentine, ceramic, germanium and feldspar porphyry and baked at over 2,000 degrees crystallizing these six minerals into beads filled with negative ions. Each of the 21 beads emits an average of 1,400 negative ions. Studies show that negative ions cleanse and alkalize the blood, regenerate cells, purifies the air around the body, and affects the autonomic nervous system to help balance the body.
The negative ionic activity per bracelet is approximately 29,000 per cubic centimeter making it one of the highest negative ion bracelets available.

Not only for the wrist, but for the ankles too !!

Treated Cold Stone Bracelets help with:

• Promotes Cellular Activity
• Boosts The Immune System
• Raises The Ionization Of Minerals In The Blood
• Helps to Improves Sleep
• Promotes Balance and Harmony throughout the Body
• Helps to Cleanse the Blood
• Enhances the Cell Recognition Process


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