Matrix Bio Powder

Matrix Bio Powder™ is the amazing all natural rare earth mineral with Iodine and Probiotics. Matrix Bio Powder™ has been proven to absorb toxins, free radicals and heavy metals from your body as well as boosting the immune system while penetrating deep into cellular walls. This product is without side effects. This rare earth mineral will help balance the body’s PH so foreign intruding cells cannot grow or mutate.
This mineral formulation has been shown to be effective in fighting, destroying and eliminating virus, fungus, bacteria, heavy metals, biofilms and anti-biotic resistant bacteria, spirochetes and many other ailments. This is a rare earth mineral formulation called Matrix Bio Powder™. All ingredients are 100% chemical free and non GMO.
Matrix Bio Powder™ is an inorganic porous material having a highly regular structure of pores and chambers that allows some molecules to pass through, and causes others to be either excluded or broken down. It is, in many ways, the inorganic equivalent of organic enzymes, many of which also have specific sized chambers that trap chemicals within our bodies, holding them where they either break down or react with specific chemicals.
Matrix Bio Powder™ mineral formulation is a crystalline substance with a structure characterized by a framework of linked tetrahedron, each consisting of four Oxygen atoms surrounding a cation (a positively charged ion). This framework contains open cavities in the form of channels and cages. These are usually occupied by H2O molecules and extra-framework cations that are commonly exchangeable. The channels are large enough to allow the passage of guest species. In the hydrated phases, dehydration occurs at temperatures mostly below about 400°C and is largely reversible. The framework may be interrupted by (OH, F) groups; these occupy a tetrahedron apex that is not shared with adjacent tetrahedrons. This rare earth mineral has other highly characteristic features developed to varying degrees, notably the potential for reversible low-temperature dehydration, the ability of the dehydrated forms to reversibly absorb other molecules, a tendency toward more or less easy low temperature exchange of extra-framework cations.


Our Matrix Bio Powder™ also includes Iodine and Probiotics to give our customers a triple knock down punch to disease.


In nature, this rare earth mineral is formed where volcanic rock of specific chemical composition is immersed in water.

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