Coconut Strawberry Smoothie


4 CupsWater/Coconut Milk (combination preferred) (A) 
1/4 CupHemp Seed Soft Centers (A) 
2 TablespoonsFlaked or Shredded Coconut (Raw Unsweetened) (A) 
2 TablespoonsCoconut Oil (A) 
3 teaspoonsVanilla Extract (A) 
5 TablespoonsRaw (unheated) Honey (A) 
1/4 teaspoonCeltic Sea Salt (A) 
2 cupsFrozen Strawberries (B) 
2Frozen Banana chunks (B) 
1/3 CupRaw Shredded Coconut (optional) (C) 
1-2 teaspoonsBee Pollen (optional) (C) 
1-2 TablespoonsHemp Protein Powder (optional) (C) 


  1. You need to freeze strawberries and banana chunks ahead of time.
  2. Blend the ingredients from list A to a smooth creamy consistency.
  3. Add the ingredients from list B and pulse on high until smooth.
  4. Add ingredients of list C as preferred.
  5. ENJOY