Hemp Oatmeal Cookies


1/2 cupButter, softened 
1/2 cupPalm oil, softened 
1 cupSugar 
1 cupCinnamon sugar 
2 TeaspoonsVanilla 
1 TeaspoonBaking soda 
1/2 TeaspoonSalt 
1 cupFlour 
1/2 cupHemp Baking Flour
1 cupHemp Soft Centers 
3 cupsOatmeal 
1 cupRaisins, optional 


  1. Warm to soften butter and oil, add sugars, stir or mix, add eggs and vanilla, stir.  Add flours, soda, salt, centers and oatmeal.  Stir around and then mix thoroughly with hands.  Mix in raisins.  Shape into balls and cook on parchment paper.
  2. 375 for 12 minutes.